What is CrossFit?

Core Strength and Conditioning Program

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program aimed at “forging elite fitness” for its participants. CrossFit is a total fitness training program that utilizes constantly   varied, high intensity, functional movements to develop total body strength, speed, power, flexibility and endurance. The “functional” movements include barbell lifts, deadlifts, and squats along with body weight exercises such as pull-ups and pushups. Through weight lifting, gymnastic exercises and metabolic conditioning, we instruct you every step of the way to help you reach elite fitness for real world activity like work, play …Life. (Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.)

Fitness…for Life.

CrossFit is for EVERYBODY. Whether you are a former athlete, who wants to return to your previous fitness level; a person who has never worked out in your life, or somewhere in between, CrossFit is for you. We will train you for what your everyday life brings you, using prescribed workouts scaled to match your needs. We will educate you on nutrition, as well as fitness, to equip you to make informed decisions that will affect your body...and your life. You will have the benefit of our CrossFit trainers who will instruct you through each and every workout.

Workouts of the Day …Designed for You

The program consists of prescribed workouts performed in small groups, 10 or less for CrossFit Andalusia,  that are scalable or individualized for each person. Workouts of the Day (or WODs) are led by CrossFit trainers who first teach the program in foundation classes and then lead, monitor and assist in every workout. No more confusion about what exercise to do, or how much weight to use. You will also enjoy the benefit of the community setting, receiving support and encouragement from others who, like you, want to improve their overall fitness. WODs are broad, inclusive workouts balanced between weight-lifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning that always last less than 45 minutes, warm-up and stretching included.

No Guessing, No Worries.

Let’s face it, we live in a busy time and we stay on the go. Many people lose interest in working out because they simply don’t have enough time in their day. With CrossFit, you get the benefit of an intense workout in a short period of time. Your space in a class is reserved in advance via our website at www.crossfitandalusia.com and your equipment is reserved for you and you alone. No standing around waiting for equipment, no social hour in the middle of workouts. CrossFit eliminates the distractions, giving you the most efficient and productive use of your workout time.  Less time in the gym means more time enjoying life.

Fun of Sport

The CrossFit program is designed to be the sport of fitness. The community of participants makes individual workout fun.  Invariably the group workouts generate camaraderie, competition and the fun of sport. Workouts are constantly varied and never boring.

CrossFit Trainers are Teachers and Coaches

CrossFit requires every participant to complete Foundation Classes in advance of group workouts. Your Foundation classes will teach you all you need to know about techniques, procedures and information to maximize your benefit from the program. CrossFitters are both male and female, young and older, led by Trainers, male and female, who have been taught to teach, taught to coach, taught to answer your questions. Trainers also teach health and nutrition to their CrossFit classes.

Contact Us to Get Started

Patrons can schedule and reserve a spot in classes via the internet and the program costs only $12 or less per session. Contact Karen Pugh or Jason Kelley at 334-422-XFIT (9348). You may also learn more at www.crossfitandalusia.com, email us at crossfitandalusia@gmail.com or visit us at 224 East 3-Notch Street between Sonic and Dairy Queen.

CrossFit Andalusia: “Helping people reach elite fitness for work, play…Life